"Overall, we had an extremely positive experience with our major  renovation of our home.  We hired Rick Cleary to renovate several rooms  including kitchen, bathroom, living and bedroom and to add a second  floor dormer.   It was nearly a complete interior replacement. We were  referred to Rick by neighbors who had also had a positive experience. The  entire process from planning to execution was flawless and completed  ahead of schedule, quite remarkable considering the complexity of the  project and the uncertainties in renovating an older home.  Design:   Rick has a remarkable talent for design incorporating all important  details of construction, lighting, function and flow, and even where  furniture might be placed in the renovated room.  He presented a  professionally drafted plan which we reviewed together and made minor  modifications to meet our needs. Budget and Timelines:  We started  planning late Sept 18 and the actual reno started mid Oct 18 with a goal  of finishing before the summer season.  The project was completed ahead  of schedule in March 19.  This was not surprising as every time we  visited to check on things, there were members from Rick's team working.   Not a day occurred when we visited and nobody was there.  The budget  was layout out clearly and itemized to cover all aspects including  allowances for areas where we could choose.  Rick gave us tips on how to  save without impacting overall quality.  For example, we saved ~10K by  buying our kitchen cabinets from IKEA (Rick's team did the  installation). We decided to add a few items not in the original plan  and the cost of additions was accurately quoted and included.  The final  cost was within a few percentage points of the original budget. Work  quality and team:  We are so pleased with the final result and overall  work quality.  It's like we have a new home.  Every detail was included.   Rick's subcontractors were all highly professional and made us feel  welcome whenever we visited to check on progress.  Most have worked for  Rick for 20+ years and held Rick in high regards.  Special kudos goes  out to Lisa, Rick's office manager and "can do everything" person.  Lisa  came with us when choosing plumbing, lighting, tiles, etc. and made  several trips to IKEA (over an hour drive) with us to make sure that  process went smoothly.  She lent her experience and interior design  expertise to help us with the multitude of choices available.  As well,  she was highly responsive returning emails and texts most within hours  and none longer than 24 hours.  She was with us all the way through the  project acting as our personal concierge.  Rick was also available to  meet with us when needed.  We were never left in the lurch with  issues/questions that arose.

Anne & Jim, Harwich Port, MA                                             

"Rick  Cleary's friendly and personable approach as a contractor combined with  his knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail as a builder  made for a truly enjoyable experience!  His personal and professional  skills are perfectly complimented by his longstanding relationship with  local suppliers and especially in his crew of dedicated subcontractors  and laborers.  All having worked with Rick for years, and more than a  few for decades, every one I had the chance to ask said Rick was the  best in the business and a pleasure to work for.  All that said, his  work speaks for itself!  Our Cape Cod home was built in the 1820's and  has been in our family since the 1940's.  After a careful demolition and  preservation phase, a full renovation of the original structure and a  substantial addition were seamlessly incorporated into a "new" home that  manages to feel both familiar, timeless and comfortable and yet  completely elegant in its eye towards modern living.  From the  foundation and framing to the final finishing touches, Rick Cleary's  craftsmanship, knowledge and pride in his work come shining through!"
Anthony & Jennifer, Eastham, MA

"Rick Cleary is a gentleman and world class builder. He is focused on  saving you money in the reconstruction phase and ensuring you are 100%  satisfied with the finished project. We completed a full house  renovation/addition in 2006 and Rick remains dedicated to making sure he  is there for any issue 13 years later. We agreed on the project with a  handshake, you won't find many more who are as honest, straightforward  and committed to delivering excellent results."

Bob & Kathy, Harwich Port, MA            


"We  basically had Rick build our home on a handshake.  He is a man of  utmost integrity.  His professional knowledge, attention to detail and  commitment to the customer resulted in a custom home we have greatly  enjoyed and has been a source of pride.  Rick stands by his work in all  regard.  We wanted a dream home and Rick delivered our dream."
John & Sally, Harwich Port, MA

"Rick  is a superb builder and contractor!  He has consistently delivered  results that have exceeded our expectations.  He works with a team of  talented individuals who have been with him for years and their  workmanship and quality is excellent.  He is trustworthy, honest and  reliable - a true professional and we recommend him wholeheartedly!"
David & Amy, Truro, MA

 "Every  once in a while you meet a small business man that walks the walk and  talks the talk of high integrity, great workmanship, personal touch,  customer service and real value for your money.  Rick Cleary and his  network of craftsmen delivered on all fronts for us.  We couldn't be  more satisfied with our relationship with Rick and we recommend him  without reservation."
Jim & Carolyn, Harwich Port, MA

"We  want to express our thanks for the superb job you and your staff did in  building our new home.  Your attention to detail was extraordinary and  the finished product indicated your crew shared the same philosophy.   Also, Richard, your knowledge of extraneous items, such as landscaping  and plantings etc., was so very helpful to us.  And your follow-up after  the completion of our home was unexpected and appreciated.  Each and  every one of your staff was friendly and cooperative and performed their  work with speed and efficiency.  We have and will continue to sing your  praises to many of our friends and others who have seen our home.   Thank you so much!!"
Bill & Carolyn, Brewster, MA

  "Rick  designed and built our home in Orleans.  From start to finish, it went  according to plan.  Rick's estimate was right on target, his crew  skilled and he only hires quality subs.  We love our home!"
Harry & Donna, Orleans, MA